Summer active

Hiking & Nordic Walking


In summer nature and mountain lovers can't help but fall in love with the beauty of the local landscape whilst walking, hiking and Nordic Walking in Toblach / Dobbiaco and surroundings.

The numerous trails of differing degrees of difficulty that lead to worthwhile destinations, crystal-clear mountain lakes and breathtaking summits entice you to enjoy hiking in Toblach / Dobbiaco to the full.

All in all, the Alta Pusteria is paradise for all those who like to spend their leisure time enjoying active pursuits and who gain new strength from hiking, walking or Nordic walking in Toblach / Dobbiacoand the surrounding area.

Hikig & Nordic Walking in Toblach / Dobbiaco:

Lanz Acitve / Globo Alpin

Rock climbing & mountaineering

From leisurely rambles to challenging mountain climbing: in Toblach / Dobbiaco in the beautiful Alta Pusteria Valley, mountain lovers and fans of hiking will find a wealth of opportunities to indulge their favourite hobby in the healthy outdoors.

The bizarre rock formations in the realm of the Tre Cime and the Sesto Dolomites invite visitors to enjoy rock climbing in Toblach / Dobbiaco and transform a stay in the Alta Pusteria into an enjoyable,adventurous holiday for demanding hikers seeking to leave everyday life far behind them whilstclimbing and mountaineering in Toblach / Dobbiaco in the heart of the Val Pusteria mountains.

Alpine schools & guides in Toblach / Dobbiaco:

Strobl Luis  / Globo Alpin


Mountain biking & cycling


Be it on a leisurely ride along the Val Pusteria Cycle Path to Lienz or an adventurous trip over alpine and mountain tracks, on a racing bike or mountain bike – in Toblach / Dobbiaco a cycling holiday is a fantastic experience.

Sensational mountain bike tours with Roland Stauder, the professional of the Stoneman Academy , family-friendly trails and – don’t forget – the breathtaking panoramic view of the Sesto Dolomites in the Alta Pusteria all encourage you to enjoy long cycle rides.

In Toblach / Dobbiaco and the surrounding area, wonderful cycle paths lead to Lake Dobbiaco, into the beautiful Silvester Valley or – for a more challenging trip – to the Plätzwiese plateau. Enjoy biking in Toblach / Dobbiaco in the Alta Pusteria Valley!

Mountain bike tours & bike rent in Toblach / Dobbiaco:

Stoneman / Papin Sport

Lakes in the Val Pusteria

Sparkling stretches of water in shades of turquoise, green and blue, nestling between the rocky giants of the Dolomites. The lakes in the Val Pusteria may have completely different features, but they are all in wonderful settings with truly exceptional views.
• Lake Dobbiaco, Dobbiaco 3.8 km | 5 mins. | 43 mins. | 1,259 m
Crossing the water on a pedalò, feeding the swans or walking along the educational trail... From this lovely lake, 3.5 metres deep, you can enjoy splendid views of the shore and the abundant flora and fauna.
• Lake Landro, Dobbiaco 12.4 km | 13 mins. | 1,406 m
Why not take some time to relax on the pebble beach and gaze at the imposing Cristallo Group? Some of you may even dare to have a paddle, as the water here is slightly warmer than in other lakes.
• Lake Braies, Braies 16.2 km | 20 mins. | 1,494 m
This is probably the most famous alpine lake in the Dolomites. Lake Braies is not only a popular destination for both locals and tourists, but also the setting for the Italian TV series "Un Passo dal Cielo" ("One Step from Heaven"), starring Terence Hill.